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At Gurnani & Gurnani in Edison, New Jersey, we represent clients throughout the US and abroad in employment and family-based immigrant and nonimmigrant matters, and in naturalization and citizenship matters.

Our lawyers bring experience, dedication and personal attention to every matter that we handle.

Ramesh Gurnani

Ramesh Gurnani When representing a corporate or an individual client, Mr.  Gurnani does so with a focus on the client's immediate as well as long term goals. Mr. Gurnani listens carefully and then provides an honest and straightforward assessment on the options and the potential outcomes and represents the client with dedication and passion. Learn more about Mr. Gurnani and how he can assist you.

Anita Gurnani

Anita Gurnani

Ms. Gurnani guides clients through their immigration issues from start to finish by providing personal attention to each step of their case. After meeting with you and answering all your questions and analyzing your case, she will provide you with a creative solution and explain to you the process and time frame involved so that there are no surprises. Learn more about Ms. Gurnani today.

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Our team speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino/Tagalog, Cebuano, Hindi, and Gujarati.