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Comprehensive Immigration Solutions

Immigration law in the United States is one of the most complex areas of law, which is changing constantly. There are frequent modifications in procedures, practices and processing times. Even attorneys who have been practicing for years find it difficult to keep up with all the changes in immigration law unless they have practiced in a specific area and keep up on a regular basis. From the U.S. Citizen who wants to bring his/her spouse or parents to the U.S., to the corporation trying to hire a professional from another country to the international corporation looking to transfer their expert from overseas to the U.S., it is critical to work with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who practices exclusively on immigration and related matters.

At Gurnani & Gurnani in Edison, New Jersey, our immigration law attorneys bring decades of legal experience and current knowledge to represent clients in matters involving employment-based visas, family-based visas, naturalization and citizenship, corporate immigration compliance, I-751 petitions and related immigration matters.

Among the matters our immigration attorneys handle, include the following:

Employment/Business immigration including:

  • Non-immigrant/temporary work visas:

E1: Treaty Trader
E2: Treaty Investor
E3: Australian Specialty Occupation
H1B: Specialty Occupation
H2B: Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers
H3: Trainees
L1A: Intra-Company Transferees (Managers/Executives
L1B: Intra-Company Transferees (Specialized/AdvancedKnowledge)
O1: Aliens of Extraordinary Ability
P1: Athletes and Entertainers
TN: NAFTA Professionals (Canadians and Mexicans)

  • Employment Based Immigration:

EB 1 A: Aliens of Extraordinary Ability
EB 1 B: Outstanding Professors, Researchers
EB 1 C: Multinational Managers, Executives
EB 2 NIW: National Interest Waiver
EB 2: Advanced Degree Professionals/Exceptional Ability (PERM based)
EB 3: Professional/Skilled/Unskilled Workers (PERM Based)
EB 5: Investor Visa

Family-based immigration: Attorneys from our firm focus on helping families come together in the United States through various immigrant and nonimmigrant family-based visa options. Our services include:

  • Non-immigrant visas:

K-1: Fiancé(e) of US citizen
K-3: Spouse of US citizen

  • Immigrant visas/Permanent Residence:

IR: Immediate Relative Petitions: Spouse, Parents and Children of U.S. Citizens
F-1: Unmarried Sons & Daughters of US Citizens
F-2A: Spouses and children of Permanent Residents
F-2B: Unmarried Sons & Daughters of Permanent Residents
F-3: Married Sons & Daughters of Citizens
F-4: Siblings of Citizens
VAWA: (Victims of Abuse)

  • Petitions for removal of conditions (I-751 petitions): We assist clients in the filing of the joint petition to remove the conditions on their residence or in the filing of the waiver of the joint filing requirement.
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): We assist clients in the filing of their requests for DACA
  • Corporate immigration compliance:

I-9 Compliance
LCA Public Access File
PERM Audit Files

  • Naturalization and citizenship: Our lawyers help clients through the process of obtaining U.S. citizenship through naturalization and other means.
  • Other matters

B1/B2: Business or Tourist Visas
F-1: Student Visas, Optional Practical Training
J-1: Exchange Visitors
U: Victims of Crimes
Consular Practice

We represent individuals, families and businesses before the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the US Department of Labor, the US Department of State and the US Consulate. Our Immigration lawyers are here to help. We will use our decades of experience, our knowledge of the legal process and our dedication to our clients to help you find the solutions you need.

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Our team speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino/Tagalog, Cebuano, Hindi, and Gujarati.

Gurnani & Gurnani, Attorneys at Law
101 Lincoln Hwy Suite A
Edison, NJ 08820

Telephone: 732-494-8900
Edison Law Office Map
The immigration law firm of Gurnani & Gurnani, in Edison, New Jersey, provides immigration services to businesses, individuals and families in communities such as Edison, Iselin, Woodbridge, New Brunswick, East Brunswick, and North Brunswick, New Jersey.